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*Lead times vary by order volume. Lead time will be confirmed after artwork approval. Approvals received after 4 pm CST will go to next business day. Program may be suspended if capacity is not available. Orders will be accepted in the order in which they are received. If capacity is not available for the lead time date, the next available day will be assigned. If added pre-production work is needed to ensure graphics are recreated correctly, additional processing time may be added. Customer pickup not available for JUICE or Splash.

**Express 10-day for orders under 500 pieces. Add one additional day per each additional 500 pieces. Express+ 5-day for orders under 100 pieces. Add one additional day per each additional 100 pieces.


Splash Sublimation: We will try our best to deliver your garments free of any defects or imperfections. However, during the manufacturing process, the garment may not layout completely flat. This may cause some imperfections such as white or uneven areas, particularly under the armpit or along a seam. Although we will do everything we can to minimize these occurrences, we cannot be responsible for the imperfections as they are the result of the finished sublimation process. Variations between garments will occur and no two garments will be completely identical.


Please note: U.S. Federal Regulations state that youth garments are not allowed to have drawstrings, due to a strangulation hazard.